Timely is great for Twitter engagement except when you run a marathon

My friends Dan and Ethan over at Flowtown created Timely, a great application for posting messages to Twitter at the time you will get the most engagement from your followers and I started using it a few months ago. Truthfully when I first saw the application I did not care about the scheduling part based around engagement, I just wanted a place to keep tweets and links that I wanted to share at some point.

Previous to using Timely I used a note in Outlook where I would store tweets to things I found interesting and as I remembered each day at some random point I would tweet out this interesting tidbit. That worked fine other than the days I forgot to do it.

While Timely has all sorts of cool features and even more if you want to pay, which at this point I do not pay for the application, I just use it as a replacement for my notepad in Outlook. This use case works perfectly other than the day you run a marathon and in the middle of your run there is a tweet that goes out, so for a few days after that I got asked if I stopped on the course to send out that tweet.

I am still not sure if my Twitter engagement has gone up because of using Timely, right now I sort of feel like it might have gone down a little since the posts are clearly automated if you are look at the app that posted them. Either way I like using Timely as it replaced a crappy method of keeping track of things I found interesting and wanted to share.